Tubeless yellow rim tape roll 66m for tubeless Road, Cyclocross and Mountain bike rims and tyres

  • Tesa 4289 tubeless tyre bicycle rim tape 25 meter roll for sale - multiple widths

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This is a high performance tape which we and our customers have been using on tubeless wheels for a number of years, with a very high rate of first time tubeless sealing, and excellent long term reliability. Made from heavy duty tensilized PP, it features a very high tensile strength with low elongation and excellent abrasion resistance.  The tape is produced for us by Tesa, one of the big producers of specialist tapes.  By sourcing from the manufacturer without a 'middle brand', we can offer very competitive pricing, providing a full 66 metres (enough for more than 30 mountain bike wheels, or 15 road wheels) on each roll.  One layer is sufficient for mountain bike tyres, road and hybrid / cyclocross rims must have two layers (due to their capability to run higher pressures).  This tape can also be used as standard rim tape (for tubes) on any rim. 

Note: This is not a conversion kit - do not use to convert rims and tyres which are not specifically intended to be run tubeless.
Please select from a choice of widths 19mm, 22mm, 25mm, 32mm to fit your specific needs (each roll is 66 meters long).
As a guideline, we suggest
Road rims (16-20mm internal width) - 19mm
Cyclocross / Hybrid rims and narrow Mountain bike rims (20-25mm) - 22mm
Typical and wider Mountain bike rims (24 to 28mm internal width) - 25mm
Plus sized & Fat Bike mountain bike rims (28mm internal width and above) - 32mm (two or more widths may be required for Fat Bike rims)
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