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Overspoke Bikes are an established cycling business, known for high quality wheel building and specialist advice and components. The objective of Cranknuts is to provide cyclists further afield with the best new cycling products often before they are broadly available. However, it's not just about new stuff, but really the focus is on products which will give a real performance benefit, and wherever possible we are relying on a mixture of road and mountain bike riding experience combined with some of the best industry data - we're committed to bringing the best new products to market first, and helping highlight some of those 'hidden gems' in the industry which will give you better performance, reliability and durability.

We're delighted to be one of the only UK stores at the moment to have the new Schwalbe Pro One Tubeless tyres in stock. There's plenty of data to show that 25mm is the optimum width for performance in most road and race situations - and that is the size that we have managed to secure for you. As part of the Schwalbe test programme, our own customers and riders have been testing these tyres before they have been released to the public - and confirm that indeed they are lighter and faster than any other tubeless tyre we've found. Add to that that the cut resistance is already proving to be better than the original Schwalbe One, and these are tyres which can give you a seemingly unfair advantage.

For the mountain bikers we have also been working to secure stock of the wide range cassettes from Sunrace. We've found that these are far better than the 'range expanders' used to increase the rear cassette range on a single ring ( 1x ) system. Unlike the range expanders, there is no need to buy a cassette AND range expander, then live with the step in the cassette where it is necessary to remove a cog. The Sunrace cassettes provide a smooth transition of 10 gears, from the usual 11t, all the way up to 42t. And if you haven't heard the name Sunrace before, maybe you know them better by their Sturmey Archer name - these guys have been developing gears for decades, this is a properly designed solution.

So keep watching out for more, there will be more exciting products added as we can secure supply. In the meantime, take a look at what we're offering and read the reviews - these are products brought to you by riders who have a principle of only supplying bikes and components that we want to ride (or would be happy that our family and friends ride). Products are also selected on the basis that our suppliers are established and stand behind their products. So buy with confidence, and enjoy the ride!