Review of the new 2016 Schwalbe Pro One tubeless 700c x 25 professional road bike tires

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We've been really impressed with this tyre, and it seems that we're not the only one. It ranks at the top of the road bike tyres on the website . According to their measured data, it has a low 11w energy consumption compared to the previous best, a Schwalbe One at 11.8W. That in turn is marginally ahead of the Conti Grand Prix 4000 SII, another tyre that we - and many of our customers - rate highly. Add the puncture resistance of tubeless technology, shave off 70g of mass from the Schwalbe One (important for acceleration and climbing) and we believe that this is the best road tyre out there today. As part of the Schwalbe Test Programme we have been running some of these and the riders confirm that their Strava times are improved....and we all know that Strava times are not to be argued with!