Applying Cranknuts tubeless yellow rim tape - how to guide

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Applying Cranknuts Yellow Tape

Correct application of Cranknuts yellow tubeless tape will improve the first time sealing of your tubeless tyres, as well as improving the long term reliability of the tubeless system. The principle purpose of the tubeless tape is to cover and seal the spoke holes of the rim, so that no air can escape even under high pressure. Road tyres, which run at much higher pressures must have two layers of tape (ie the tape must be wrapped around the rim twice, so that each spoke hole has a double layer of tape covering it). Failure to do this may result in sudden loss of pressure. Mountain bike and Fat bike tyres only require one layer of tape, but may require two widths to give adequate coverage.

Starting one side of the valve hole, stick the end of the tape into the rim. Whilst holding this in place with your thumb, unwind the roll of tape into the rim.

Holding the end of the tape, and keeping the tape very tight, work around the rim of the wheel. The tighter the tape, the better it conforms to the shape of the rim, and makes a better seal.

Overlap the tape by approximately 10cm and make a clean cut

Working round the rim, pressing the tape down hard all the way around, ensuring that there are no bubbles in the tape and there is a continuous seal, especially on the flat part of the rim either side of the spoke holes

Using a sharp tool, pierce a hole for the valve to go through. When tightening the valve, push down hard on the valve on the rim side, whilst tightening the threaded ring on the hub side.