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How to choose a kid's bike

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In contrast to many kids' bikes, Frog bikes are sized by the leg length rather than age, as this is the most reliable way of getting the right size of bike for each child. Age alone isn’t a reliable measure as there is a large spread of “normal” leg lengths & heights for each age.

Please take the time to measure the rider’s inside leg.
It’s easy to measure:

  1. Stand the child in socks against a wall
  2. Place a small book between their legs, as high as is comfortable
  3. Ask the child to move away and measure from the top of the book to the floor, in inches.

Once you have measured the inside leg, use this table to find the right size of bike for your child. Note we give the MINIMUM inside leg length for each bike, with the saddle at its lowest setting. At this height, the child will safely and comfortably be able to get their feet on the ground. Don’t worry - Frog Bikes have long seat posts, so the saddle can be raised a long way as the rider grows.
We recommend that you go to a local store who will have many of our bikes available so the rider can sit on a bike. You will get help and advice on sizing, and get on-going service, as well as support.

Minimum inside leg in cm (in)Approx ageWheel SizeFrame Size
Tadpole32cm (12")
Tadpole Plus38cm (15")
Frog 4343cm (17")
Frog 4848cm (19")
Frog 5252cm (20")
Frog 5555cm (22")
Frog 6262cm (24")
Frog 6969cm (27")
Frog 7373cm (29")
Frog Road/Track 5858cm (23")
Frog Road/Track 6767cm (26")
Frog Road/Track 7070cm (27")

Of course all children have different length arms and torsos too, so to ensure a comfortable riding position, the handlebar height can be tailored, and saddles can be slid backwards and forwards on their rails. (These adjustments are easy to do and just need an allen key; instructions are in the manual).

If you are interested in any Frog bikes for kids please see the range on our website or call us instore to discuss you specific needs.

Great bikes for kids!

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