Bike Chemistry - Wipeouts hand, tool and component wipes

  • Bike Chemistry wipeouts  - hand, tool and component wipes

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Bike Chemistry - Wipeouts hand, tool and component wipes
Designed to replace both a rag and a can of spray cleaner / lubricant, Wipeouts are a clean, disposable, all in one solution for cleaning dirty stuff.  The strong fabric wipe is made from a specially rough surface, impregnated with orangey cleaner which gets stubborn muck off whilst staying kind to the components - whether they are carbon, steel, alloy or plastic.  Once the worst of the muck is hosed (or in the case of really bad stuff like jockey wheels, may be dug off...!) Wipeouts are designed to be a clean and easy way to clean the soiling from very dirty parts.  They're also very good at getting tar spots and greasy paw prints off your bike when the grease monkeys have finished and everything is back together.
Instructions for use: 
  • Remove any solid matter, and loose dirt from components. 
  • Use Wipeouts to remove heavy soiling from greasy and dirty components, and dispose responsibly. 
  • Please observe instructions and warnings on product packaging. 
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