Bike Chemistry - Stripdown Wipes - lint free alcohol cleaning wipes

  • Bike Chemistry - Stripdown Wipes - lint free alcohol cleaning wipes

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Bike Chemistry - Stripdown Wipes - lint free alcohol cleaning wipes
We've all been there - cleaning up those dirty or oily components with a rag and spray on cleaner.  The cleaner gets sprayed where you don't want it sprayed, and the rag leaves bits on the components just when you're trying to get them together without any contamination.  Bike Chemistry were looking for the perfect wipe which removes oil and grease residues, gently cleans and leaves components completely clean and free of rag lint.  Working with a leading manufacturer, we have developed the perfect product to use in our own workshops - and we were so happy with this one that we're making it available not only for other professional workshops, but also so you can achieve professional results at home.  The infusion of alcohol is not there for you to sniff - indeed you mustn't, but it is there to gently lift the dirt and remove any residual oil and grease from components before you re-assemble - and relubricate - your bike.  We've found that these are exceptional for suspension rebuilds and servicing, allowing a perfectly clean and oil-free surface prior to reassembly.  What we also found is that these make great bike final cleaning wipes - great for removing small marks, tar spots and greasy fingerprints - whether a quick wipe or an obsessive final detailing.  Designed for bikes - these are bike wipes not baby wipes!
Instructions for use: 
  • Component cleaning and maintenance : Remove the worst of dirt and oil from components using a rag or other wipe (in fact, Bike Chemistry Wipeouts are particularly good for that).  Make a final wipe of component surfaces prior to reassembly of components.   
  • Bike cleaning and detailing : Wash bike thoroughly.  Use a wipe to gently rub away tar spots and other small marks on bike, including greasy fingerprints.
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