Bike Chemistry - Dirt Squirt bike cleaner (1L)

  • Bike Chemistry - Dirt Squirt bike cleaner

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Bike Chemistry - Dirt Squirt bike cleaner (1L)
Many cleaning products have fancy labels and perhaps big marketing budgets, but have they really been carefully developed for, and tested on, real bikes and components?  Dirt Squirt is a quality spray on, wash off bike cleaner that releases stubborn dirt, but is formulated to be kind to frames and components, including carbon, paint finishes and anodised parts.  It needed the R&D expertise of chemistry specialist Bondloc to meet these criteria to our harsh standards - it had to spray on with the right coverage and consistency, and lift the dirt without being aggressive to the surfaces of your pride and joy.
Instructions for use:
  • Hose down bike to remove any loose dirt and mud, being careful not to jet the water at any areas containing bearings (eg headset, bottom bracket, frame bearings, wheel bearings) and seals.  Spray all over bike with Dirt Squirt.  Leave for 3-5 minutes (do not allow to dry in direct sunlight) to soak into the dirt, and wash down with a sponge before giving a final rinse off with a hose. 
  • We strongly advise against the use of a jet wash as this can wash out essential grease from bearings and loosen paint and decals.
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